Privacy Policy

No jargon, just simple honesty.

Our Simple Policy:

It's none of our business who you are, how you use our apps or what your preferences are.

Our Apps

None of our apps send any information about yourself, your system or your settings to any server. Period.

Our Apps do:
Non-App Store version only

• Check for an update periodically.
• Contact our registration server when entering a license key, to check the key is genuine.


If you sign up for support then your email address will be stored on our server. We only use your email address to contact you in regards to your account. For example: to notify you about a reply to one of your tickets.

We never:
• Share your email address with anyone. No third parties.
• Email you asking for sales or to try a new product.

If you sign up to our newsletter, we will from time to time contact you in regards to our new products and features.


We do not process payments directly. If buying direct from NDN your payment will be handled via PayPal. If you buy one of our apps from the App Store then your payment will be handled via Apple.

We do not store or have access to your payment details.

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