A simple bug tracker that lets you focus on development.


OneTrack makes software development less of a headache. There are no complex menus, annoying usage limitations or lost comments when your connection drops. Instead a stress-free experience for both novice and pro developer. Leaving you free to code instead of managing your bug tracker.


Simple does not have to mean basic. OneTrack takes care of attachments, release notes and even SQL changes. Can your bug tracker generate release notes ready to print or email at the click of a button? OneTrack can.


OneTrack is completely offline. Everything is stored securely on your computer. Your projects, issues and comments are never transmitted to ANY server. Ever.

We take privacy seriously in everything we do. Our privacy policy is simple. It's none of our business who you are, how you use our apps or what your preferences are.

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Download OneTrack and use it free for 7 days. There are no limits and no payment details are required. Not even your email address!

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Mac 10.9.5 or greater.
Windows coming soon.


We pride ourselves on our friendly support. We produce a in-depth guide for each app we craft. Step by step instructions with screenshots to help you get your head around our products with ease. If you are stuck, we’re only a message away.

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If you like OneTrack then you can buy a copy direct from NDN or from the Mac App Store.

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We will tell you a little more about OneTrack below. Maybe we can tempt you with a download button... after all, it is completely free to try!

OneTrack is a simple solution for a complex job

We don’t believe managing your software development has to be a headache. Install OneTrack and you can start logging issues straight away. No hassle, no complex setup or endless confusing menus to find what you want.


Roadmaps are built into OneTrack and work automatically. From the offset you can see your progress and how many issues block your next release.


OneTrack makes it easy to have multiple issues open at once. Switch to another issue and anything you typed is waiting right where you left it when you return.


Multiple files can be attached to each issue. All saved safely within OneTrack. Available to view at any point from within the app. No more searching for that file!


At times you want to see everything you have left to do. Other times, just what you’re working on. OneTrack allows you to quickly focus on what is important to you.


OneTrack produces reports at the click of a button. Release notes, progress updates and SQL changes can be exported ready to update your database.


We designed OneTrack to be fast and agile. Even on a 10 year old MacBook Pro, OneTrack opens within seconds ready for action.

Making your life easier

One of the main reasons we made OneTrack was because we were tired of complex bug trackers. It felt like we were spending more time managing our bug tracker than actually coding and making exciting new things.

Release Notes

In OneTrack you type release notes as you code. For each issue you can insert your own developer notes as well as user friendly release notes. Making the task much less end loaded and easier to manage. You don’t have to remember what you did months ago and how changes effect your next release. This makes producing release notes quick. How quick? Take a look at the video!

Give OneTrack a try for 7 days and see if it works for you. No credit card details, no email addresses - just a quick simple download...

Work anywhere. No internet woes.

If you’ve worked with bug trackers, you’ve probably experienced that sinking feeling when the server decides your session has expired. You’ve just pressed submit and have written war and peace… all gone. With OneTrack you don’t have to worry about saving. If something pops up and you need to take care of it straight away, well don’t worry, you can pick up exactly where you left off when you return.

The best bit? OneTrack takes care of it all for you. Even down to the small things like remembering which tab you were in.

Friendly help, just a click away

When you buy OneTrack you’ll receive support whenever you need it. We don’t charge for the amount of times you contact us. If you have a problem we are here to help. OneTrack is also under constant development. If you have an idea then let us know. We’ll try our best to work your requirements into our products.

Quick Response

Ask us a question and we will usually get back to you within a few hours. It may take a little longer at the weekend, but we will never keep you waiting for days on end.

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