We wrote this app as parents for parents

However You Feed – We Track

It doesn’t matter if you breast feed, bottle feed or a combination. With OneOunce you can easily track your little ones milk in-take.

Make it Personal

OneOunce can easily add a picture of your little one, their name and birth date. Work in imperial or metric, which ever suits you.

Each Day, Each Step

OneOunce shows your little ones in-take history in a easy to use journal. With averages of daily feeds and preferences.

Free Trial

Download OneOunce and use it free for 7 days. There are no limits and no payment details are required. Not even your email address!

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Mac 10.9.5 or greater.


We pride ourselves on our friendly support. We produce a in-depth guide for each app we craft. Step by step instructions with screenshots to help you get your head around our products with ease. If you are stuck, we’re only a message away.

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We will tell you a little more about OneOunce below. Maybe we can tempt you with a download button... after all, it is completely free to try!

OneOunce was created to help us track our own little ones milk in-take

As a new parent you have numerous things to worry about and when you have a stubborn newborn and over zealous medical staff… panic is easy.

We designed OneOunce to easily track every feed when sleep deprived. Keeping track of time, amount and preference. No more numbers jotted over the letter that came in last Thursdays post. With OneOunce all your feeds are kept safe and easily viewable at all times.

Breast Feeding

If you have chosen to breast feed: OneOunce helps you keep track of feeding times and how often your little one is feeding on each breast.

Bottle Feeding

If you have chosen to bottle feed: OneOunce helps you keep track of feeding times and the amount of formula your little one has consumed.

Weigh Days

As well as feeds, OneOunce tracks your little ones weight. Starting with birth weight and each weigh day from there on.

Completely Private

All the data you enter into OneOunce is saved on your computer only. Nothing is ever sent to any server. Period.


Click, drag the slider, click OK. Done. It is that simple to track with OneOunce. Before you know it, you have a journal of your little ones feeding habits.


We designed OneOunce to be fast and agile. Even on a 10 year old MacBook Pro, OneOunce opens within seconds ready for action.

Friendly help, just a click away

When you buy OneOunce you’ll receive support whenever you need it. We don’t charge for the amount of times you contact us. If you have a problem we are here to help. OneOunce is also under constant development. If you have an idea then let us know. We’ll try our best to work your requirements into our products.

Quick Response

Ask us a question and we will usually get back to you within a few hours. It may take a little longer at the weekend, but we will never keep you waiting for days on end.

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