Version 1.2

Released: Wednesday 7th of March 2018

• OneTrack now obeys your system settings and shows dates in your local format instead of forcing UK format. I.e. 12/25/2018 for our American users, 25/12/2018 still for UK users.
• A release notes tab has been added to the viewer/editor. This allows you to type up release notes for each issue as you work towards your next milestone. Enabling OneTrack to automatically produce release notes for you when your milestone is completed (see below).
• OneTrack now produces Roadmap reports.
• Report added to show the progress of a milestone.
• Report added to automatically produce release notes based upon issue/bug release notes.
• There is a new option with the settings to automatically open newly created issues/bugs.

• There is now a button to create a new issue on the Roadmap view.
• Using the assign button now opens the issue.
• Settings has been moved from File into OneTrack – to match standard macOS behaviour.
• The settings can now be opened with the shortcut cmd+, (command and comma)

Bug Fixes
• Fixed a rare problem where the main window would stop a backup being restored.
• Fixed a bug where the percentage shown within the Roadmap view was wrong when viewing completed issues.
• Fixed a bug where it was possible to un-assign a issue just closed/resolved.
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