Version 1.4

Released: Friday 11th of May 2018

SQL Query Storage - OneTrack can now store SQL queries within a issue. Allowing you to track the changes you will need to make to your live SQL server. Queries are broken up into 5 key headings:
  1. Create Tables
  2. Alter Tables
  3. Insert Statements
  4. Update Statements
  5. Misc
Generating SQL files - SQL files can now be generated by OneTrack for single issues and milestones. For milestone generation, all SQL queries across a milestone are combined into one file. (A quick and easy way to update your live SQL server).
Viewer/Editor Tabs - The Viewer/Editor has had a complete rewrite to make it more accessible and easier to use. The window now has tabs and no longer opens extra content into a new pop-up window. There are 5 tabs in total:
  1. Home
  2. Attachments
  3. Release Notes
  4. SQL Storage
  5. Issue Edit
• Tab Highlights. When content is stored within a tab (Attachments, Release Notes & SQL Storage) the icon is changed to yellow. Making it easy to see what you have stored within a issue without necessarily needing to click into the tab.
• (Settings) Tab Position. There is a new option within the Settings which tells OneTrack to remember the tab you last accessed for each issue. Improving the experience when multi-tasking - allowing you to pick up exactly where you left off.
• Release Notes for a single issue can now be exported from the release notes tab.
Reporting View - OneTrack now has a dedicated reporting view where all reports are located. The generation of reports now takes place within the main window of OneTrack and there is no longer a pop-up. A description of the report is now also included to make it clearer what is being shown on screen.
• Report - Comment Summary. A new report to provide a printable version of an issue and the comments within.
• Report - Issue Release Notes. A new report to provide a printable version of a single issue in a release notes styled report.
• Report - Issue SQL Export. A new report to generate a SQL file for a single issue.
• Report - Milestone SQL Export. A new report to generate a SQL file for all issues within a milestone.

New - Website Edition (These changes do not apply to the App Store Edition)
• Trial versions of OneTrack now include the option to register. This allows the trial to be converted into a full version of OneTrack once a licence key is entered.
• Check for updates. OneTrack will now periodically talk to to see if there are new updates.
• Updater. OneTrack now has the ability to download the latest version and open the dmg ready for you to install (only when told to do so by you the user).
• (Website) - OneTrack can now be purchased from via the shop on our brand new website.

• Better support for storing HTML code within a issue comment.
• Tabs (Comments/Release Notes) have been removed from the comments section (Viewer/Editor view).
• (Settings) Temporarily disable "FOREGIN_KEY_CHECKS". A new option within the settings that toggles if the command is included within generated SQL files. When checked the command is included.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed a problem where in some cases comments were not correctly displayed (Overview & Viewer/Editor)
• Fixed a problem where attachments were not properly deleted in some cases.
• There is now no longer a grey line on the left hand side of some views.
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