Version 1.4.1

Released: Tuesday 10th of July 2018

• There is a new option within the settings to automatically order milestones. When this option is turned on, manual ordering is disabled and OneTrack will take care of ordering for you. For new users, this is now default.
• OneTrack can now export release notes into a CSV file (for use in Excel, Numbers etc).
• You can now define the copyright message within the footer of reports. The value can be changed from within the settings. If you do not wish to show any copyright message, then you may simply leave the field blank.
• Report added to show a in-depth version of the standard release notes report. Including: comments, release notes, attachment details and the appropriate dates.
• Documentation and Support links are now available from a new Help menu.

• Current project title now shows as part of the main OneTrack window.
• OneTrack now remembers the window position when it was last used. This feature was available in an earlier version of OneTrack but caused an issue with multiple monitors. This should now be fixed.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed a bug where report previews would sometimes show after the project had been switched.
• Fixed a bug where report previews would sometimes show the incorrect report.

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