The Issues view houses all the issues that have ever been created for your project. By default when OneTrack starts only open issues are displayed. This default behaviour can easily be changed from the Settings to show all issues by default.


The assign button allows you to quickly mark an issue as “In Progress”. This will add it to your Workload view. If you are currently filtering on “Open” then the issue will disappear – this is normal because the status of the issue is no longer “Open”.

Quick Search

To quickly find a issue, type into the quick find bar at the top of the window. Doing so will update the list to show any issues that contain what you have typed. So for example if you have typed “the” any bugs will show that have “the” within their title. The quick search bar is linked with the filter option. So any search criteria you enter will also be applied to current filtering.


Clicking the “Filter” button reveals the filtering pane. This houses all the areas available to filter your issue list:

When a filter option is changed the issue list will automatically update to show only relevant issues. One or multiple filters can be selected to narrow down your issues list to just what you want to view. You can reset the filters at any point by clicking the “Clear Filters” button.

Open a Issue

To open a issue simply double click onto the relevant issue and it will open in the Viewer Editor. Any filters you have selected will remain – allowing you to jump to different areas of OneTrack without loosing your criteria.
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