The overview provides a summary for the current active project. Giving you a quick glance of which issues you have recently worked on and what stage you are up to:

Recently Viewed Issues

The 5 most recently viewed issues are displayed here with a brief summary of the progress and status. Double clicking onto the issue will open it up in the Viewer Editor.

Active Milestones

To be considered active a milestone must have one or more open issues. Milestones that meet that criteria are shown under this section on the overview. A progress bar is shown, displaying how many issues have been resolved vs the total amount of issues. Finally a count is displayed of the incomplete issues that are blocking the release of the milestone.

Double clicking a milestone will open it in the Roadmap view.

As of Version 1.3 – you can quickly change your default milestone by right clicking and selecting “Set Default”

Recent Comments

This section shows all comments that you have made against issues within your current project. Displayed in a way where you can quickly read your most recent comments and pick up right where you left off. Clicking on the Open link will open the issue in the Viewer Editor.

Good to Remember

Clicking onto the coloured statuses at the top of the window will take you into the Issues view and show the relevant issues.
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