Moving from a trial copy of OneTrack

This section only applies if you have purchased OneTrack from the Mac App Store (MAS)

A requirement of the MAS is that all apps must be sandboxed. In basic terms this means that an app cannot access any files other than its own – a useful security measure.

This means the MAS version of OneTrack cannot access the trial versions database. As default the MAS version of OneTrack will not have your projects, issues and any data you created during the trial. Do not worry, your data is not lost and there is a simple solution:

  1. Open your trial copy of OneTrack. (If you no longer have your trial copy, simply download a trial copy again - it will still have access to your trial data).
  2. Backup your trial copy of OneTrack from the built in Backup functionality.
  3. Open your purchased MAS copy of OneTrack and restore the backup you just created.
You will now have all your work from the trial copy. Optionally, we would also recommend you now delete the trial version of OneTrack to avoid future confusion.
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