General Settings

OneTrack has been designed to make issue tracking as simple as possible. There are however a few settings to tweak how things work.

Default View

This setting defines which view OneTrack will open in as default. I.e. If the selection is “Roadmap” then OneTrack will show that tab and not the Overview as default.

Recent Items

This setting defines how many of your last open issues will display on the "Overview" view.

Report Copyright

As default reports are exported with OneTrack Bug Tracker within the footer. You may customise this to add your own company name, personal name or alternatively leave blank.


The behaviour settings make small tweaks to how OneTrack works dependant on user preference:

  • Hide completed as default in Roadmap
    This setting when ticked will hide completed issues when opening the Roadmap view for the first time. Instead of having to initially click the “Toggle Completed” button to hide issues, the reverse will be true.
  • Show archived milestones in Roadmap
    By default when milestones are archived they are hidden within the Roadmap view. Ticking this setting will show all historic milestones alongside active milestones.
  • Automatically order milestones
    When ticked new milestones will automatically be entered into the correct order (i.e. Version 1, Version 1.0.1, Version 2). If you would prefer to order manually, un-ticking this setting will turn off automatic ordering.
  • Show all issues
    By default the Issues view will auto filter on the “Open” status. If this setting is ticked then the status filter will not be automatically selected.
  • Main window closes OneTrack
    When the main OneTrack window is closed, by default any other open windows will stay open and OneTrack will not quit. If this setting is ticked then OneTrack will quit when the main window is closed.
  • Open new bug after adding
    If ticked OneTrack will open new bugs as soon as they are added.
  • Remember tab position for each issue
    If ticked OneTrack will open the tab last used when the issue was previously open. I.e. if you last viewed the Release Notes of an issue, that tab will be visible the next time the issue is opened.

SQL Exporting

  • Temporarily disable FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS
    When activated OneTrack will export SQL files that will disable FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS before the queries are executed and then re-enable FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS after completion. If un-ticked, this action will not be applied.
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