OneTrack Version 1.4 or later required
The reporting menu consists of two main panes. On the left a list of the available reports and on the right a viewing window where compatible reports show a preview. Certain reports, such as the SQL Export, do not display a preview.

Available reports

Currently the following reports are available:

  • Comment Summary - Provides a printable version of the comments within a issue.
  • Issue Release Notes - Produces a printable version of the release notes contained within a single issue.
  • Progress Summary - Displays the progress of the selected milestone in a printable version. (For sending to co-workers, boss etc).
  • Release Notes - Produces a release notes document for every issue within the selected milestone.
  • In-depth Release Notes - Produces a release notes document including comments, release notes, attachment details and relevant dates.
  • Release Notes CSV - Exports release notes in CSV format for use with Excel/Numbers.
  • Issue SQL Export - Exports the SQL changes for a single issue.
  • Milestone SQL Export - Exports SQL changes for all issues within the selected milestone.

Running a Report

The procedure for running a report is the same for all reports. This guide will only cover the running of 1 report.

Left clicking on a report will display a description and a preview if available :

If there is more than 1 page, you can jump pages by using the "Previous Page" and "Next Page" buttons.

Click the "Print" button to open the print dialog.

Depending on your version of macOS the below screenshots may differ slightly, but the process should be the same or very similar.
If required, make any changes to your preferred printer:

In this example we will export the report to PDF (i.e. to send to colleague, employer etc).

Select PDF from the bottom left hand corner (or press Print should you wish to print).

Click “Save as PDF” and save to the desired location. The report will now be available to send as a PDF and/or print from a PDF.
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