Release Notes

As of version 1.2, OneTrack can store and automatically generate a Release Notes document.

Viewer/Editor View

Release Notes are stored within their own tab separate from the standard issue comments. The benefit to using the functionality is:

  • Release Notes are not end loaded. You can type them up as you code, whilst the issue is fresh in your mind.
  • Customer/user only content can be kept away from the development process.
  • All resolved issues within a Milestone are automatically pulled together to create a Release Notes report. This saves time and is one less job.

Tip 1: Due to the nature of Release Notes often being changed after development, the Release Notes section does not lock when the issue is resolved. It can be edited at any time.
Tip 2: Release Notes do not require the “Save Changes” button. Comments will be saved automatically

Single Issue Release Notes

Should you only require release notes for a single issue you can export them at any time via the "Export" button. This will take you to the Reporting menu where you can export your file.

An example of an exported Issue Release Note file, saved as a PDF.

Milestone Release Notes

More commonly you will want to export release notes for an entire milestone. Again, from the Reporting menu select the "Release Notes" from the "Roadmap Reports" category. Select your desired milestone and click the "Export" button.

You can then print or export your file to PDF.
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