Files can be attached to issues and stored within OneTrack. When an issue is open, click on the Attachments Tab (paperclip icon). The tab will show any existing attached files with the option to add new attachments:

To add a file click the “Attach” button and browse your computer for the desired file. Once attached the file will be displayed in the list:

OneTrack stores files within its own directory. Therefore once you have attached a file you can safely delete your other copy, if you wish to do so.

Open Files

To open a file simply double click on the file. It will open in which every program is set as default for the file type. For example Preview for png image files.

Delete Files

To remove a file simply left click on the file and click the “Delete” button. Confirm the action and the file will be deleted from OneTrack.

Sort Files

You can sort the attachments by using the "Sort" button. Selecting the preferred sort order:

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