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As of Version 1.4 the Viewer/Editor has been heavily rewritten. This user guide covers the new interface from 1.4 upwards. It is recommended you upgrade to 1.4 if you have an older version - it is free to do at any point.
By default the Viewer Editor is not available to click. It only activates when there are issues open. Issues can be opened from:

  • Overview
  • Workload
  • Issues
  • Roadmap
Once 1 or more issue(s) are open the Viewer Editor can be jumped to at any point. As standard whenever you open a issue you will automatically be taken to the Viewer Editor.

Issue Switching

At the top of the window is the issue selector. This will show any issues that you have opened. The selected issue is the one currently active on screen. To quickly jump to another issue, click the drop down list and select the issue you wish to view. The screen will update immediately to show the relevant issue log.

Draft Comments

OneTrack automatically saves a draft copy to help support issue switching and to protect against unfortunate problems such as your computer crashing. This allows you to continue right where you left off without having to deal with saving anything.

For example: in the below screenshots 2 issues are open and both are being worked on simultaneously. In the first issue we start to write up some notes:

We now switch to another open issue – without pressing save:

The other issue is now active and more notes are written up:

Now we jump back to the original issue. Everything is exactly where we left it:

OneTrack can also be closed and this functionality will continue. As soon as OneTrack is reopened and the issue is on screen the draft comments will be available to continue.


The Viewer Editor has more further features available within the tabs on the right hand side of the Viewer/Editor view.

From left to right (linked are covered elsewhere within the documentation):

Tabs that have content in them (Attachments, Release Notes and SQL) will be highlighted yellow.

Edit Issue

Should the original title or description of an issue need changing then you can do so by clicking the Edit Tab (cog icon). A new window will pop-up with the current issues details:

Once you have made any required amendments click the “OK” button. Should you wish, you can also delete the issue by clicking the "Delete" button.

Closing Issue

When you no longer need a issue open in the Viewer Editor you can use the X icon to close the issue. This will remove the issue from the issue selector drop down menu.

This will not mark the issue status as “Closed”.

If you have multiple issues open then the next most recently opened issue will automatically be displayed. Otherwise the Viewer Editor will be closed and OneTrack will return you to the last accessed tab (Either: Overview, Workload, Issues or Roadmap).

Saving Issue / Updating Status

When you wish to save comments and update the status of an issue you can do so by clicking the “Save Changes” button from the Home Tab. When you do this the following will happen:

  • Your comments will be added to the comment log and the comments text area cleared ready for your next comments.
  • Any status changes (Status, Category, Priority, Milestone & Progress) will be applied to the issue.
  • If the item is closed or resolved the issue will be locked. Further comments and status changes will not be allowed unless the issue is reopened.
  • If the item is resolved and the progress was not marked at 100% – this will automatically be actioned for you.
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