When first starting to use OneOunce we recommend entering details about your child into the Settings. You can get into the settings by clicking on the foremost right icon from the main window:

There are two sections within the Settings menu. About Baby and About You.

About Baby

There 4 settings within the baby section:

  • Baby Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Birth Weight
Any information you enter into OneOunce is stored only on your computer. Nothing is ever sent to any server.
Entering the date of birth and weight of your child will activate statistics for weeks/months and allow you to track weight.

Setting a Photo

As standard OneOunce will show a blue or pink background depending on your choice of gender within the settings. But you can easily attach a picture of your little bundle of joy (or terror, depending on the day).

From the main window:

Drag your photo over the default photo. Simply left click, hold and drag your picture from finder or your desktop. Then let go of the mouse once the cursor is over the default picture. Within a few moments OneOunce will process your image and display it instead of the default picture.

Should you ever change your mind, you can reset the picture back to the default from the settings (pictured above).

About You

There are 3 feeding type options within OneOunce:

  • Breast
  • Bottle
  • Combi
Choosing one will define which options show when you enter a new feed. For example, if you are exclusively breast feeding then you will not see options related to bottle feeding.

You can also choose your preferred measurement type from the About You section. Ounces or millilitres for bottle size and pounds or kilograms for weigh-ins.

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