Adding a Feed

There are two ways to quickly add a feed within OneOunce.

  1. Click the + button found directly below today’s Intake:

  2. Press cmd + n

Adding a Feed

Depending on your settings choice, there are 3 different menus for adding a feed. We will cover all three within this article:

Breast Feeding

Define how long the feed was by using the slider bar or the up/down arrow keys on the right hand side:

When done, click OK. The feed will show instantly in Today’s Intake.

Bottle Feeding

Define how much formula was drank and the length of the feed using the appropriate slider or up/down arrow keys:

When done, click OK. The feed will show instantly in Today’s Intake.


There are two components to the combination New Feed menu. OneOunce allows you to add one or both types of feeding together. If your child only fed from breast and you enter a value only for breast – bottle will be omitted. If values are entered for both, then both will be added to Today’s Intake.

Use the slider or up/down arrow keys to make the appropriate entries about the feed.

Back Dating

At 3AM in the morning you probably didn’t want to open up your computer to log a feed. Not to worry… for all feed types you can back date the feeds up to 7 days. From the New Feed menu, click onto the Date/Time tab:

You can there specify exactly when the feed took place. Once ready, click OK to add the feed to that days log.
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