Main Window

The main window of OneOunce has two main views. Today and History. As default the Today view is shown.

Today View

There are 3 main sections:

  • Overview (populated automatically based upon Today’s Intake)
  • Today’s Intake
  • Thoughts and Notes

Today’s Intake

Feeds can be added and removed with the + and – buttons located directly below the Today’s Intake list. Clicking the + button will open the New Feed menu.

If you left click on a feed within the Today’s Intake list and then click the – button, it will be deleted.

Thoughts and Notes

This section is intended for any notes you wish to log against the day. Such as problems with feeding, sickness or mood. The notes are saved against the day and can be viewed in the History View (once the day is finished). You can edit them at any point, add more or remove all together. But once the day is complete, they are saved in your history as a memory in time and no longer editable.

History View

The History View allows you to scroll back through time and see how your child fed on a particular day.

There are two ways to change day:

  1. Using the Previous and Next buttons. Useful for quickly flicking back a day or two.

  2. Using the Choose Date button. This will pop-up a calendar and allow you to pick an exact day:

  3. Within the History View average statistics are also shown. Such as the average feed time, average amount (bottle feeding) and the average breast preference (breast feeding).
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